For more than 15 years, Yoannis Tamayo has been one of the world references in Cuban Dances: Salsa, Rumba, Afro, Son ... He is pleased to welcome you to his school : Yoannis Tamayo Movement.
Discover the universe of Yoannis by browsing our site and through his Youtube channel, the videos of his shows as well as his choreographic workshops.

Main courses

New to Salsa? Passionate about Afro-Cuban dances? Whatever your level or your expectations, join us to learn the basics that will allow you to have fun at parties and take advantage of the many Latino events or to develop your body expression and enrich your style and deepen your cultural and musical knowledge.
We are waiting for you!!

Salsa et Timba Fusion
Salsa and Timba Fusion

Salsa is the most practiced Latin dance. It is danced with a partner but also alone, giving free rein to creatuvity and improvisation.
Salsa exists in many styles: Puerto Rican, Colombian, Cuban ...
Within the Yoannis Tamayo Movement school, you will learn in the beginner salsa class the basics of Cuban: passes, rueda, style development and the basics of guiding.
The TimbaFusion class is a response to the evolution of Salsa as it is practiced today, i.e. a cultural mix of Afro-Cuban rhythms such as Guaguanco, Afro, Pachanga, Reggaeton ...

Danses Afro-cubaines
Afro-cuban dances

More and more popular at festivals, Afro-Cuban dances are a concentrate of Cuban culture.
Yoannis Tamayo Movement school will allow you to begin or improve yourself in Guaguanco in order to enhance your Salsa but also to experience real moments of immersion in Cuban culture through Afro, Rumba abierta and Columbia classes.
Twice a month, for intermediate-advanced level lessons, you will have the privilege of taking lessons with a live percussionist in order to improve your musicality.


Yoannis started his dancing career in Santiago de Cuba as "Sonero". Official Dancer of The Casa de la Trova, he became known throughout the world with his amazing performances of Son: https://youtu.be/zKlCJuhfri8
Class of Son at Yoannis Tamayo Movement's school is a homecoming for Yoannis and a response to a strong demand from students.
In this course, you will learn the codes and fundamentals of Traditional Son: Guidance, Apertura, Posture...

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